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Lost Forty Studios was founded to bring the financial strengths of the studio system together with the innovative techniques, diverse voices, and wide range of stories from independent filmmaking - and to reinvest our success back into the community where we are based, Minnesota's Iron Range. Lost Forty Studios wants to become every producer’s first stop for quality film, television and digital production services in Minnesota.


We are headquartered in Chisholm, Minnesota, with access to Duluth, Lake Superior, and the endless Northern wilderness. Why Chisholm? Because Chisholm is conveniently-located at the intersection of the Minnesota, Iron Range, and St. Louis County film rebate zones, with nearby access to Duluth, which recently introduced its own incentives. These incentives are stackable, which means that qualifying productions may expect rebates competitive with other programs around the U.S. and world. 


Lost Forty looks forward to taking care of your production and incentive needs while you focus on creating something original and meaningful in Northern Minnesota’s beautiful, new, undiscovered place to shoot.

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On the Chisholm Stage: Lost Forty's The Fun-Raiser Set

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