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Who We Are

Lost Forty Studios is a passionate collective rooted in Minnesota's rich storytelling tradition and vibrant film culture. Founded with a vision to harness the financial strength of the studio system while celebrating the innovative spirit and diverse voices of independent filmmaking, we are dedicated to fostering a dynamic film production community right here in the heart of Minnesota's Iron Range.


Headquartered in Chisholm, Minnesota, amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the North, we are strategically positioned at the nexus of film rebate zones, offering convenient access to the incentives of Duluth and St. Louis County. This unique location allows us to provide competitive rebates to qualifying productions, rivaling programs across the U.S. and beyond.


At Lost Forty Studios, we pride ourselves on being more than just a production company; we are a cornerstone of the Northern Minnesota film ecosystem. Spearheaded by our co-founders, each with a wealth of experience and a deep connection to the region, we are committed to nurturing local talent and supporting the growth of the industry.

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Karl Gajdusek

Karl is a writer, showrunner, and executive producer. Feature films include The King's Man at Fox/Disney with Matthew Vaughn directing Ralph Fiennes in the third film in the Kingsman franchise. The gun-violence story His Only Living Boy for Amazon Studios for Ben Affleck. Courage with Charlize Theron at Netflix. The Tom Cruise film Oblivion, the Pierce Brosnan thriller The November Man, Nicole Kidman and Nicholas Cage in Trespass, and an adaption of the sci-fi novel Salvation Day for E1 Entertainment. Television work includes Showrunner/EP Season 1 of Stranger Things at Netflix, Creator and Showrunner of ABC’s Last Resort with Shawn Ryan (The Shield, Timeless, SWAT), and Riverview with Daren Aronofsky at HBO. Most recently Karl is creating Flickermen for Peacock/USA and an adaptation of the novel Age of Light about the artist Lee Miller, as well as an adaptation of Lexicon by Max Barry, also for Matthew Vaughan. Previous credits include Story Editor for the Showtime series Dead Like Me, and Blood Brother at Lionsgate. Before establishing himself in TV and film, Karl was a playwright whose plays have been produced in New York and across the country.  A Northern California native, Karl now resides in Minneapolis with his wife and two sons.


Matt Roy

Matt is a northern Minnesota based producer, actor, director. Projects include I Am Not a Serial Killer, Wilson, In An Instant, Mogadishu, Minnesota, and Bough Brothers. As a producer, Nina Of The Woods, A Badlands Girl, Sanctified, and Terms and Conditions. Dedicated to the development of the film ecosystem in Northern Minnesota, Matt has been a driving force. As a founder of Lost Forty Studios, he actively spearheads the creation and ongoing development of hands-on crew education. Matt collaborates closely with the Upper Midwest Film Office and the IRRRB (Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board) to ensure the growth and sustainability of the film industry in the region. Originally from Grand Rapids, Minnesota Matt now lives in St. Paul, Minnesota with his son and daughter.


Nickolaus Swedlund

Nickolaus is a writer, director, and producer. Feature film projects include All The Time In The World (2015), Bough Brothers (2022), and the North Dakota Western Sanctified (2022).  After a decade of life in Los Angeles, Nickolaus returned home to Minneapolis, where he worked in the commercial and short film market as well as teaching film production courses at various local universities. As founder of Lost Forty Studios, he has been instrumental in the establishment and continuous evolution of hands-on crew education and contributes significantly to the development and enhancement of the local film industry.

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